Practical Revelation from God's Word

Oct 19, 2019 -- Posted by : RyanHaley

The Word of God has untapped riches of practical wisdom and application. The Founder’s Bible contains a great example of this which comes from Mathew Maury, referred to as the “Father of Oceanography and Naval Meteorology”. He once read in Psalm 8:8 about the “pathways of the seas”, an idea he had never heard before which fascinated him to no end as a Naval Officer and man of the sea. By deeply meditating on this verse for a long time and believing what it said was true, he discovered the existence of oceanic currents and then later the jet stream. These have not only been groundbreaking scientific discoveries, but have also had profound bottom-line business and financial impacts. Furthermore, they’ve brought people to a deeper revelation of God’s majesty.

One ship captain that benefited from this discovery of Murray’s wrote to tell him of the impact they had on him:

I yet feel that until I took up your work, I had been traversing the ocean blindfold[ed]; I did not think on-I did not know-the amazing combinations of all the works of Him Whom you so beautifully term “The First Great Thought”. I feel that aside from any pecuniary [monetary] profit to myself from your labors [by reducing my sailing times], you have done me good as a man. You have taught me to look above, around, and beneath me, and to recognize God’s hand in every element by which I am surrounded. I am grateful-most grateful-for this personal benefit.”

God is no respecter of persons, and if Matthew Maury can receive such insight and revelation from the scriptures, then so can all of us. God desires for each one of us to tap into His infinite knowledge, wisdom, and revelation through the power of His Word. After all, the Author of the Book is also the Creator and “Great Architect of the Universe”. He has all the blueprints for the physical world He designed, and He longs to share its secrets with us through personal and intimate relationship with Him.

On the subject of using the Bible as a source of practical wisdom and Murray says this:

I have been blamed by men of science...for quoting the Bible in confirmation of the doctrines of physical geography. The Bible, they say, was not written for scientific purposes and is therefore no authority in matters of science [and we could reasonably also use the word “business” wherever Murray says “science”]. I beg pardon! The Bible is the authority for everything it touches...the Bible is true...They are both true; and when your men of science, with vain and hasty conceit, announce the discovery of disagreement between them, rely upon it: the fault is not with the Witness or His records, but with the “worm” [sinful human] who essays [attempts] to interpret evidence which he does not understand.”

Airlines, shipping companies, and other major industries and businesses have reaped untold efficiencies and cost savings from Murray’s Bible-based scientific discoveries; from a Holy Spirit-illuminated revelation of just one line of a single scripture verse. What a great example of “where the supernatural meets the practical”! How many other groundbreaking discoveries yet wait to be revealed to those who will take God at His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate these insights in ways that can be practically applied for the benefit of all humanity?

The notes in the The Founder’s Bible follow up Murray’s above quote with this:

Maury is correct: whenever there is a conflict between “science” and the Bible, just wait. Instance after instance affirms that “science” routinely changes its initial position as new discoveries are made, eventually lining up with what the Scriptures said-even though the scientists making those discoveries may vehemently disagree with the Bible. But this is what Thomas Paine discovered long ago when he acknowledged that “all the principles of science are of Divine origin. Man cannot make, or invent, or contrive principles; he can only discover them.”

As Murray, the grateful ship captain, and many other renowned men of science and business have discovered: God’s Word can help us to figuratively and literally chart a course for our lives, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our businesses. It has helped me “chart my course“ many times across the country and the world, guiding my decision-making and leading me on a path I never would have otherwise discovered for myself. (For some of my personal testimonies of this, you can listen to these podcast episodes: ABW 34 - Blessed by Rest, ABW 35 - Let GO and Let God, and ABW 36 - The Foolishness of God is Wiser than Men).

We will continue to delve more into the practical application of scripture to our businesses and personal lives. In an upcoming blog article using the Business Model Generation Canvas, I will describe how prayer and meditation on the Word of God can-and should-be a “Key Activity” for every business.

Practical Application: Ask God-like Matthew Maury did-to show you specific scriptures He can illuminate and quicken to your mind and understanding. Confidently expect the Holy Spirit to give you some kind of practical application of these timeless truths to a specific business or other use case. Please share them here or through the website.

My personal hope and declaration is that this will be another testimony for a podcast interview. And beyond that, who knows if perhaps this won’t be the next major discovery that has practical worldwide impact and benefit? There is practical revelation from God’s Word that is just waiting to be discovered and used by those who ask Him!



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