About Ryan Haley

Ryan was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in a Christian home where he gave his life to Jesus at the age of 8. Ryan graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Psychology and was commissioned as a Naval Officer through the NROTC program. After college, he went to flight school and became a Navy helicopter pilot. Right before his first deployment, Ryan was in a helicopter crash which he and the rest of the crew miraculously survived. This served as his "come to Jesus" moment after a long, slow drift from God which started in college. No longer flying after the crash, Ryan was sent to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA where he got his MBA in Financial Management.

After his MBA program, Ryan was baptized in the Holy Spirit and shortly afterward "sent to the desert for testing". This testing was a year-long combat tour in Afghanistan during which he assisted the US Army doing intelligence work in a very "kinetic", high operations tempo environment. It was during this difficult and stressful period that God first planted the dream in Ryan's heart of having not just a "good job", but a career and calling that he would truly love and find not just financial success, but deep personal meaning and fulfillment in.

During his last military assignment as a Defense Budget analyst at the Pentagon, Ryan started leading a small group where the Holy Spirit moved in power. Unfulfilled in his military role, Ryan got out of the Navy with aspirations of becoming involved in ministry and entrepreneurship. He worked as a Realtor in the Washington, DC area for a year and a half and got an invaluable hands-on education about business from a very practical perspective. Next, he worked as a Sales and Account Manager at a startup in Vail, CO until it ran out of funding after 8 months. After a 5-month entrepreneurial fellowship program back in the DC area at Georgetown University, he finally embraced his desire to come to a Spirit-filled bible college and enrolled at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, CO. Ryan graduated from Charis with his Ministers License and then completed the third-year Business School program, for which he is now an Adjunct Professor.

God has clearly put it in Ryan's heart to be an inspirational writer, speaker, coach, teacher, and counselor in business and ministry. It is his hope that "A Better Way" will be a platform for the realization of that dream and calling to become a reality as he serves God by serving others in faithfully living, personally demonstrating, and communicating God's better way of doing business.

About "A Better Way"

The primary purpose of A Better Way is twofold in nature:

Equipping: Inspire by providing real-life examples to budding entrepreneurs and burned-out business owners in the household of faith that it is possible, and in fact so much better, to walk by faith and do things God's way than to strive and toil in our own human effort and wisdom.

Evangelistic: Blow the minds of business-savvy people who don't yet have a personal relationship with Jesus with testimonies from real-life business owners that demands a supernatural explanation, which can only be explained through a relationship with Jesus!