“Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”
- I Corinthians 1:25

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My first book is called A Better Way: God's Design for Less Stress, More Rest, and Greater Success, and it's all about living in God's grace. Through real-life testimonies, I share how "the supernatural meets the practical" and living a life that DEMANDS a supernatural explanation. NFL Coach Tony Dungy wrote the Foreword (see his video on this page). Pick up a copy (or several!) at the links below. Also, book REVIEWS on Amazon and other marketplaces are much appreciated!

Rest, Not Hard Work

This is NOT a business or motivational message about "hard work". It is, in fact, about the CESSATION OF SELF-EFFORT and all its associated and endless performance, striving, toil, stress, and anxiety. It is about unlocking the blessings of Heaven by adopting the counterintuitively productive virtues of entering into God's REST and EASE.

NOT Religion

This is NOT about religion. We will almost certainly kill some sacred--as well as secular--cows here. It may shock and offend, but that's OK because the true gospel of grace is SCANDALOUS, to both the religious spirit as well as the the self-focused flesh.

Spiritual AND Practical

The goal is to demonstrate that sweet spot of the intersection of Heaven and Earth within the business world. At one extreme, some people can become "so heavenly-minded they're no earthly good". The other extreme is giving lip service to prayer and "faith" while getting hopelessly mired in the practical details and demands of business and life.


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